Our mission is to empower our users to change their impact on the environment. We want to provide them with a platform that tracks their progress, recommends better choices, and connects them with like minded people.

What does steven do?

Steve carefully assesses the carbon footprint of products and services and quantifies it.

He Remembers

He tracks your actions and lets you know how you are doing on your sustainability goals.

He Recommends

He presents new alternative products or services to replace your less sustainable habits.


He lets you reduce your past impact instantly through carbon sequestration purchases.

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Emilio Guillot

Marketing and CX

I believe in gamification’s ability to improve lives through competition and quantifiable progress. I want people to be able to understand their habits and track lifestyle changes effortlessly.

Ricardo Vélez

Industrial Engineer
There is too much noise when trying to find sustainable products. We want to be the auditors of sustainability and reliably relay that information to everyone.

Christian Bolorinos

Web Designer/UX Designer

I am passionate about carbon sequestration. I want everyone to be able to pay for their impact in the environment and account for their consumption.

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